Carpet Cleaning

Carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis depending on usage and foot traffic. Some carpets can look clean when vacuumed, but dirt and debris can get imbedded into the carpet fibers which causes more wear and discoloration of the carpet surface. Dirty carpet and high traffic areas also wear faster and look worn, while other areas might still look new. Therefore, we recommend carpets get cleaned at least every 6 months or yearly depending on foot traffic. 

In most commercial applications,  the carpet can be cleaned most effectively using the Hot Water/Steam Extraction method using a truck-mounted unit. 

However, in special applications where a dry carpet cleaning method is necessary, use of the very low-moisture encapsulation process is available as an option. 

Hot Water/ Steam Extraction  (Truck Mount) 

This method uses a special truck-mounted machine with water lines and extraction hoses that can reach approximately 400 feet. The hot water from these units normally ranges between 150-200 degrees. In most cases, depending on air flow and humidity levels, the carpet will be completely dry and ready to use in 12-24 hours. 

  • Pre-spray cleaner is used on high traffic areas and heavy stains to soak prior to cleaning.
  • Hot water (mixed with a cleaning solution) with high pressure is sprayed on the carpet to loosen particles and dirt embedded in carpet - this helps kill bacteria, fungus and dust mites.  
  • Dirt and debris are then sucked out of the carpet using a high-suction vacuum and stored in a holding tank in the vehicle for later disposal. 
  • Foreign items such as gum, paint and glue are removed by hand using special removal agents as necessary. Some items may be very difficult or impossible to remove depending on the item and how long they have been embedded in the carpet. 

Encapsulation Dry Cleaning 

This new technology has recently become an accepted “green” method and is more accurately known as “very low moisture” (VLM). Drying times are much shorter than the “water” based methods almost immediately after being vacuumed. 

  • Cleaning solution is applied to the carpet by a rotary machine using rotating brushes.  
  • The solution contains deep-cleaning compound crystals that dissolve and absorb dirt prior to its removal from the carpet.  
  • The dry residue is vacuumed almost immediately afterwards using a regular vacuum. 

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