Construction Cleanup

Construction cleanup can be provided for new construction or remodeling an existing building. Either way, scheduling the work is extremely important as many times the construction work being done falls behind schedule. We can be very flexible in working with the customer to make sure we are available when they need the cleaning process to begin. 

The cleanup is normally a three or four-step process.

Rough Clean - This starts with cleaning the construction site before most of the installation of equipment begins. The concentration is on cleaning the floors of heavy debris and dirt so that further construction can continue. 

  • Sweeping and preparing concrete floors for carpet or tile installation
  • Removing dust and debris from surfaces, including window sills
  • Washing interior windows 

Final Interior Clean - After all appliances or equipment are installed, a very detailed interior clean is necessary. The details of the clean will vary depending on the type of construction or remodel, and will also vary from room to room. New home construction differs from office building or commercial construction, but a good interior cleaning includes the following:

  • Top to bottom - starts by dusting ceilings, light fixtures and fans 
  • Cleaning walls to remove dust, dirt and any scuff marks 
  • Cleaning air ducts, vents and any other heating or cooling equipment
  • Cleaning door frames, all trim and baseboard 
  • Cleaning all doors top to bottom
  • Cleaning all windows (inside and outside) including tracks
  • Remove all trash, any remaining plastic coverings and stickers
  • Clean all horizontal surfaces and appliances/equipment as needed 

Exterior Clean - For large remodels, additions or new buildings, the outside can get very messy. A basic cleanup outside varies greatly but can include some of the following: 

  • Remove all remaining trash from property including construction debris
  • Sweeping and dusting exterior doorways and sidewalks 
  • Sweeping and/or power washing garage floor and driveway or other paved surfaces 
  • Cleaning/dusting any exterior lights and other fixtures 

Touch-Up Clean - The touch-up clean is performed after the final interior clean has been completed. While this is not always necessary, it helps to be sure the final product delivered to the customer is in an exceptionally clean condition. 

  • Touch up all windows 
  • Spot mop hard floors and spot vacuum carpet 
  • Dust and clean any dust, dirt and debris
  • Be sure all entrance doors are cleaned inside and outside

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